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Winter Blues Collection


Every year the winter feels just a little bit harder to slog through. Despite my grumbling, I was hoping for at least one good snowfall so I could capture its beauty and this year did not disappoint.


I went out for a drive right before twilight and noticed the sun starting to set over an abandoned farm near my home.  I quickly pulled over and ran across the empty field to photograph the sky and treeline on the horizon. There was no snow on the ground yet but the geese were flying overhead and the air was freezing. I walked back to my car feeling a little warmer because I stopped to notice this beautiful scene.


These paintings were born out of a season of searching and transformation. May the peace and connection I find in nature become a part of your home and daily life. 


6"x6" original mixed media encaustic on 3/4” deep wood panel. Sides are stained antique gold. Wired and ready to hang.

Through The Fields

  • Encaustic paintings can be gently polished with a soft, non abrasive cloth to bring up the shine.

  • Free Shipping Within the USA

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