Chelsea Villegas is a mixed media painter hailing from the garden state. She earned a degree in painting during her college years and shortly afterwards began teaching herself the ancient art of encaustic after a pivotal love at first sight experience with an encaustic painting. She was instantly mesmerized by the texture, depth, and luminosity inherent in the wax.


 For a period of time her art making took a back seat to the creation of her two children while she home schooled them and devoted most of her time to their care. She created a number of portrait commissions during this time period that kept her engaged in her craft.  Following a series of transformational life changes, she decided to rededicate her passion and creativity towards full time art making and over the past 15 years she has refined and developed a totally unique multi-media approach to working with molten wax. Through her fearless experimentation in the studio she has found a way to combine encaustic with drawing, photography, oil paint, pastels, as well as collage and found objects. She has a deep affinity for the natural world, travelling, and all things related to spirituality and personal growth and is constantly seeking to expand her horizons and point of view. Her dynamic paintings hang in international collections and continue to evolve with each new series that is produced.