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Winter Blues Collection


Every year the winter feels just a little bit harder to slog through. Despite my grumbling, I was hoping for at least one good snowfall so I could capture its beauty and this year did not disappoint.


A couple of days after our last snowstorm, right before twilight, I got the feeling that pops up every now and then that my winter images were waiting for me. I went for walk through the woods and stumbled upon this scene...empty field, geese, trees, setting sun, just what I was looking for.  


These paintings were born out of a season of searching and transformation. May the peace and connection I find in nature become a part of your home and daily life. 


10”x20” original mixed media encaustic on 3/4” deep wood panel. Sides are stained antique gold. Wired and ready to hang.

Together We Go

  • Encaustic paintings can be gently polished with a soft non abrasive cloth to bring up the shine. 


  • Free Shipping Within the USA. 

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