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Petite Magnolia 

7"x7" mixed media encaustic on wood panel framed in 2.5" deep natural maple floater frame


There was something about all the major shifts happening in the world in recent times that pushed me to dig deeper into myself to get in contact with the truest essence of what inspires me to create.  It felt important to keep showing up despite the swirling energies of fear and doubt and to distill the sources of peace, truth, and beauty that shape my days. 


I wanted to get back to my early days of creating with encaustic when I made my own paints using powdered pigments, beeswax, and damar resin so I gathered up my supplies and made a batch of paints especially for this series.


This painting started with a simple pencil drawing of the flowering magnolia that I love so much.  From there I added subtle layers of hand mixed indigo with textural drips of wax. There are collaged bits of crocheted lace, handmade paper, copper leaf and pastels that combine to create a glowing and vibrant feeling.


Comes ready to hang for years of enjoyment!

Petite Magnolia

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